Friday, March 12, 2010

good girl c0ngrate..!~


Saya sgt happy today n yesterday.. y?..hehe.. my youngest sister got really excellence result.. and she deserved it.. she got 10A`s .. u such a brilliant gul r widad.. we proud of u.. u gave umi n abah double happiness.. u`ve awarded "wirawati terbaek" n this excellence result.. lucky girl.. =)..

This entry really dedicated to u.. hehe.. bangge kau.. i`m discussing with angah ryte now wut the special present should give to u.. wutever it is.. hope u really success in ur future undertaking ..

You noe wut.. if tok ayah still alive.. still wit us.. sure dye sangat bangga ngn kau n Bashir ryte.. Once i teringat Tok ayah,rse sedih.. My cousin yg sgt2 bnyk berjasa kt tok ayah Mohd Bashir Hamdi kau cemerlang PMR aritu salah satu sebab nye sbb kau bnyk berbakti kt tok ayah.. u realize or not?.. Doa Tok Ayah mengiringi kau org.. kau org ingat kan?.. hurm..

ok.. Till nest entry.. nk g keje.. salam..

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