Tuesday, March 9, 2010

kabare??..waras eyh.. td pg .. pg2 subuh syapie tuh received call from my m0m..

asking me wheather im on duty or not today.. of course la.. if not da lme blk s.p kan.. my mom nk ajak i teman pegi tgk widad .. my youngest sis tuk hari penutupan PLKN today.. my sis dpt award .. "Anugerah Wirawati Terbaek" .. A big applause to her..

Really unpredictable u noe.. widad,u really impressed us.. This is one of ur advantage to move forward .. 11th ni she`s will get her SPM result.. I noe .. she will get wut she want.. Trial dlu dye dpt 12A .. n im strongly hope that she can get satisfactory result.. hoh0o.. =)..

Owh.. u noe wut, y mentor normiza md salleh.. jusz safely arrived at saudi.. alhamdulillah.. bile lak la aku nye dream cam k.miza nk smpai nh..juz hope the best for her..

Quote of the day : The toughest thing about success is that you've got
to keep on being a success.

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